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Anger Getting tired Worrying
Goals Change Desire Confidence
Efforts Self Discovery Pride
Courage Awareness Aggression
Appearance Clothing Fashion

Friendship Relationship Love
Life Happiness Being Yourself .
Habits Discipline Stress
Solitude Self Control Reality
Thinking Different Perspective

Future Past Time Age
Marriage Birthday
Family Parents Son, Daughter
Children Fighting Sleep
Husband, Wife Brother, Sister

Art Music Beauty Poetry
Fame Civilization Creativity
Democracy Politics Power
Society Violence War Peace

Memory Brain Knowledge
Lies Lips Tongue Mouth Teeth
Taste Sweet Sour Bitter
Diet Foods

Business Success Money
Taxes Work
Education Learning Promises
Imagination Reason Piety Passion

Environment Nature Weather
Cold Warm Sweat Skin
Thirst Throat Neck Shoulder
Fever Suffering Sick Blood Pain

Hope Kindness Buddha
Christianity Heaven Freedom
Hell Justice Religion Apology
Boredom Patience Revenge

Head Hair Face
Eyes Tears Ears
Nose Smell Flowers Animal
Touch Finger Hand Elbow
Chest Heart belly Stomach

Action Strength Labor Dancing
Knee Foot Toes
Sports Exercise Health

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