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The acute HIV syndrome is characterized by an infectious mononucleosis-like syndrome or aseptic meningitis syndrome with fever, lymphadenopathy, meningitis, GI symptoms, and a characteristic infectious exanthem, an enanthem, and genital ulceration.


After primary HIV infection, billions of virions are produced and destroyed each day; a concomitant daily turnover of actively infected CD4+ cells is also in the billions. HIV infection is relatively unique among human viral infections in that, despite robust cellular and humoral immune responses that are mounted after primary infection, the virus is not cleared completely from the body (with a few exceptions). Chronic infection develops that persists with varying degrees of virus replication for a median of 10 years before an individual becomes clinically ill.


* fever
* headache
* maculopapular rash
* oral ulcers
* lymphadenopathy
* arthralgia
* pharyngitis
* malaise
* weight loss
* fatigue
* muscular stiffness or aching

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