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Nummular dermatitis, also know as discoid eczema, is a skin condition which can occur at any age.

It can affect any part of the body particularly the lower leg. One or many patches appear, and may persist for weeks or months.

The majority of patches are round or oval, hence the name "discoid" or "nummular" dermatitis, which means coin or disc-shaped dermatitis.

They can be several centimeters across, or as small as two millimeters.

The skin between the patches is usually normal, but may be dry and irritable.

Discoid eczema may be extremely itchy, or scarcely noticeable.

When the patches clear, they may leave marks for some weeks of months, which are darker or sometimes paler than the normal skin tone.

In most cases no specific allergy can be found.

Discoid eczema does not run in families, and unlike atopic dermatitis, it is not associated with asthma.

It does not result from food allergy. It is not infectious to other people, although bacteria sometimes secondarily infect it.

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