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Pyoderma faciale is an unusual skin condition occurring in young adult women. It is also called ‘rosacea fulminans'. It can resemble severe acne or rosacea.

Unlike acne, pyoderma faciale:

- Starts abruptly
- Rarely persists more than a year or so
- Is not associated with oily skin
- Does not arise from comedones
- Is confined to the face
- Does not affect males

Compared with rosacea, pyoderma faciale:

- Affects younger women
- Is not associated with flushing
- Does not affect eyes

There are unsightly and painful large red bumps (nodules), pustules and sores on very red areas of the cheeks, chin and/or forehead. The lesions may leave scars.

Despite the severity of the inflammation, there are no internal symptoms. No infective organisms are found in bacterial cultures of the affected skin.

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